Solar pavement Arena, a new generation of photovoltaic panel

At Solum, we offer our solar pavement Arena, a photovoltaic panel acclaimed as a revolution in renewable energy generation.

We live in a society where change is the driving force that moves us. In the world of photovoltaic technology, this is a reality. Here we offer you an article to get firsthand knowledge of these innovations.

Will you delve with us into the great discovery of the solar pavement Arena?

Arena, new solar pavement or photovoltaic panel.

What is the solar pavement or photovoltaic panel Arena?

Solum is the Spanish company responsible for the development of the solar pavement Arena. A walkable pavement that integrates high-performance photovoltaic cells, allowing the generation of clean and efficient solar energy in urban and peri-urban spaces. In other words, it is like a tile that not only serves for walking but also produces electricity when exposed to sunlight.

This innovation is a reflection of a significant advancement in photovoltaic technology.

Features of the solar pavement or photovoltaic panel Arena

This innovation in the world of photovoltaic technology brings with it a series of features that make it unique. Among these, we can highlight:

Energy efficiency

This efficiency is similar to that of a conventional solar module. All thanks to its state-of-the-art photovoltaic cells It can convert a significant amount of the received sunlight into electricity. Some of the factors that influence the efficiency of this solar pavement include the type of photovoltaic cell being used. These are usually monocrystalline silicon.

Also noteworthy are the installation conditions, including the orientation of the solar pavement, tilt, shading, and climatic conditions. Additionally, the maintenance and care applied to the ground are important factors. To maintain its efficiency, periodic cleaning is advisable. With high efficiency, a greater energy production can be achieved. A smaller surface area will be required to produce the same amount of energy. And most importantly, costs will be reduced. (Lower cost per kWh generated).

Durability and robustness

It is a product designed to withstand heavy weights. The weight of pedestrians walking on it or withstanding strong impacts. This requirement is essential to ensure an optimal and useful lifespan of the ground for many years, even under intensive use conditions. For this, certain parameters were taken into account before its development, such as: the use of high-quality materials that make the final product capable of withstanding harsh conditions such as strong impacts or abrasion. Materials that make the pavement resistant to weather conditions (withstanding rain, ice, heat…). It is also non-slip, ensuring safety for pedestrians. Finally, it can withstand vehicular load.

Ease of installation of the photovoltaic module

Its installation is very simple and similar to traditional tiles, allowing for easy adaptation. The installation process can be summarized in a series of simple steps. It’s essential to prepare the ground (level and compacted) to ensure a uniform surface before installing the ground. Next comes the placement of the tiles, a process very similar to installing traditional ceramic tiles. Electrical connection is necessary; these ground tiles are interconnected with each other using electrical cables. The final step is the installation of the inverter, which is placed near the solar ground Arena and converts direct current (generated by the photovoltaic cells) into alternating current (used in the electrical grid).

Arena, photovoltaic panel


This ground is very easy to install in any area where sunlight is present Now we can talk about squares, gardens, streets, promenades, pedestrian areas, public spaces, residences, recreational areas…


It offers a wide range of colors and finishes. Therefore, it adapts very well to the aesthetic harmony of any space where it is to be installed. There are many design possibilities, with numerous colors available and varied textures.

This provides a series of aesthetic benefits, including enhancing the urban image, respecting the environment, adding aesthetic value to buildings, and promoting the image of sustainability.

Benefits of the solar pavement or photovoltaic panel Arena

Generation of clean energy

It contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the promotion of energy sustainability. It captures sunlight, then converts it into electricity. Then the inverter process where the direct current is converted into alternating current. Then the generated electricity is injected into the electrical grid and subsequently used for self-consumption.

Solar pavement (walkable photovoltaic panel)

Utilization of urban spaces

This ground allows for energy generation in places that would otherwise not be utilized. Therefore, it optimizes land use.

Reduction of dependence on fossil fuels

It promotes energy self-sufficiency and reduces the need to import energy. It reduces dependence on fossil fuels by producing clean and renewable energy from sunlight.

Minimal maintenance

The maintenance process for this type of ground is minimal; it does not require high costs or complex cleaning systems.

Economic efficiency

In the long term, it is a profitable investment that allows for savings on energy costs.

The Solar pavement or photovoltaic panel Arena positions itself as an innovative and sustainable solution for renewable energy generation in urban environments. Its ability to transform public spaces into clean energy generators opens up a range of possibilities for developing more sustainable and efficient cities.