Arena, a new generation of solar panel

Arena is a solar panel that acts as a raised floor on terraces or rooftops.

It is the only solar floor whose efficiency guarantees a production and economic return similar to what is expected of a conventional solar panel.

10 m²

To supply an average house

Average return on investments

less than 7 years


Easy installation

Its installation follows the same procedure and use of materials as a conventional raised floor. Also, you can combine the solution of our Arena solar floor , with any other commercial raised floor.


Our solution guarantees non-slip properties in humid environments, complying with European regulations.

Strength and durability

The Arena solution is highly resistant to impacts and deterioration caused by abrasion thanks to its innovative technology. Therefore, it has a useful life of more than 20 years.

Easy to clean

rena requires less maintenance than conventional solar panels installed on a structure, since the Arena Solar Flooring needs the same maintenance as any other conventional pavement.

Payback period in years