Helios, join sustainable mobility

Helios is a solar recharge for electric scooter and bicycle parking station.

Also, Helios is a 100% sustainable solution thanks to our Arenasolar flooring which produces its own energy.

Availability from 6 to 16 vehicles!

Helios. Estación solar


It requires no connection to the electrical grid or external support, thanks to the Arena solar floor and the batteries housed inside.

Installation without civil construction

The installation process for Helios can be quick and simple because it can be installed on the existing pavement, eliminating any need for civil works.


Anti-theft and smart padlock that locks the vehicle with a stainless steel stem. Our security system for bicycles consists of a stainless steel security chain, covered by a fabric that protects from scratches.


Through the app and the miSolum platform, customers monitor and control all the functions of the stations


Meet Helios G

Charging station for light electric vehicles that works connected to the electric grid. It allows the organized parking of this type of vehicle in public and private areas.