Tecnología and sustainability

Behind Solum

Who are we?

Solum is a Spanish technology company founded in 2019 by three industrial engineers. The idea behind our company was to utilize urban spaces for renewable energy generation. After more than three years of research, in 2022 we were able to develop an innovative photovoltaic pavement. A technology that facilitates promoting self-consumption in urban areas in an aesthetic and efficient way while utilizing space

Our values

At Solum we not only want to help achieve more sustainable and habitable cities. Creating wealth in our land and generating both directly and indirectly quality jobs is also a fundamental part of our philosophy. Therefore, our products are all manufactured in Spain and over 80 % of our suppliers are local. This way, we are promoting the local economy while reducing the carbon footprint of our materials.


During these years we have received various recognitions from the most prestigious entities such as Berkeley University, California, the European Institute of Technology or from large companies such as Telefónica o Iberdrola. Moreover, in 2021 we raised our first round of investment worth 1 million euros to help us expand internationally.

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