Maximize your energy savings thanks to our technology BIPV

(building integrated photovoltaic)

Transform terraces and rooftops into sources of energy generation

The future of sustainable architecture: the technology building integrated photovoltaic

Self-consumption is a fundamental tool to improve the competitiveness of your building and increase its value thanks to obtaining LEED or BREEAM energy calcifications.

Have you had to use your usable space for the installation of solar panels? Are you worried about the aesthetic impact of the panels?

Learn about building integrated photovoltaics technologies or BIPV: solutions that can integrate photovoltaic technology into the building structure, improving aesthetics and avoiding the loss of usable space.

Discover our Arena solar flooring an ideal solution for Nearly Zero Energy buildings

We are aware that it is increasingly common to use the rooftops of buildings as common outdoor spaces.

At the same time, we want our buildings to be as sustainable as possible and reduce our electricity bill.

That is why at Solum we have created Arena

The first solar flooring capable of maximizing the generation of solar energy in your building without sacrificing any square meters.