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How does a solar charger for scooters work?

¿Cómo funciona un cargador solar para patinetes?

A solar charger for scooters operates by harnessing the energy produced by the sun to charge the electric scooter’s battery. This charging process is easy and practical, starting when the solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. The current and voltage are regulated by the charge controller before being sent to the scooter’s battery. Once the battery is charged, the scooter can be used until the energy is depleted.

How does a solar charger work?

As mentioned earlier, the operation of a solar charger is simple: thanks to the energy produced from sunlight, power is generated and can be used to charge electric vehicles, such as scooters. This is a solution that Solum has successfully developed: charging stations.

And now you might wonder, what is a charging station? Well, Solum has developed innovative technology: Helios.

Helios is a solar station designed for the parking and charging of personal mobility vehicles or PMVs. Helios is a sustainable solution as it utilizes solar pavement, which generates its own energy. But, let’s break it down. First, let’s explore what solar pavement “Arena” is, and after understanding its operation, we’ll delve into how Helios functions.

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Arena solar pavement

The Arena solar pavement is a tile capable of generating solar energy. It is composed of high-performance photovoltaic cells that function similarly to a solar module. This solar pavement has been designed in such a way that it can be walked upon, ensures non-slip properties, and has regenerative properties in case of damage.

Next, let’s look at some of the characteristics of this solar pavement:


The assembly of the solar pavement is modular, meaning it can adapt to all types of spaces.  


We have seen that it has the advantage of adapting to various spaces, and it is also designed for quick installation and removal. The floor or pavement is anchored to the urban ground, which does not require public works, and the original pavement is preserved.


The Arena solar pavement has a much higher resistance than concrete. Additionally, it is resistant to heavy loads, impacts, and even deterioration caused by the passage of time. In the event of damage, it can be repaired or replaced instantly with another tile.


It does not require special maintenance, only the care that can be given to any other pavement located outdoors.

Once we’ve explored the Arena Solar Pavement, let’s now take a look at what the Helios Solar Station entails. It functions as a sustainable solution for charging electric scooters, thanks to Arena.

Solum solar charger

Solar Charger Solution: Helios Solar Station

Helios is a solar station that serves both as a parking space and for recharging personal mobility vehicles, such as electric scooters and bicycles. Helios is a sustainable solution thanks to the Arena Solar Pavement, which generates its own energy.

This solar station is a solution for those individuals who frequently move around the city with their personal mobility vehicle and often encounter issues with both parking and charging. In the following lines, we will explore some of its main features.

  1. Autonomous: as it doesn’t need to be connected to the electrical grid thanks to the Arena solar pavement and the batteries it contains inside.
  1. Sustainable: it generates its own energy thanks to the Arena Solar Pavement
  1. Secure: equipped with a smart and anti-theft lock, providing enhanced security for the user. One of the concerns when parking your electric scooter or bicycle anywhere in the city is the fear of theft. However, the Helios Solar Station will provide you with the security you need.
  1. Easy Installation: It can be installed in just one working day, as it acts as a carpet on any outdoor surface.
  1. Multivehicle: that is, it is compatible with both electric scooters and bicycles in the same station.
  1. Smart: thanks to the miSolum App, the customer can monitor and control all the functionalities provided by the station.

Therefore, we have seen that thanks to Solum, we can find charging stations for our electric bicycles or scooters in various points around the city, and they have even expanded internationally across Europe. If you want to learn more about sustainable charging solutions, we invite you to visit our website.