Monopattini elettrici: Come e dove parcheggiare in modo sicuro e legale

Undoubtedly, electric scooters are making a significant impact on urban mobility. They offer numerous advantages for users, which we will tell you about shortly. The only drawback is the lack of information about the regulation of these vehicles, but we have already clarified the regulations you need to consider. Today, we’re here to explain the right and wrong ways to park an electric scooter.

If you’re not quite sure why everyone is talking about electric scooters, let us clarify the reasons: they are fast, do not require a license or insurance, users don’t have to exert physical effort, they are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, easy to handle, and very practical for getting around the city. 

In this post, we’ll tell you the best way to park them when you finish your journey. Keep reading!

Where and How to Park Electric Scooters

Regarding parking electric scooters, the General Directorate of Traffic, which regulates the regulations for this mode of transportation, states that it will be the responsibility of municipal authorities to establish rules regarding parking.

It is important for users to understand that sidewalks are designated for pedestrians and should not be obstructed. 

Electric scooters should be parked at specific points designated for them. These stations are distributed and marked by cities to prevent obstruction of public roads and maintain order on the streets.

You should park them vertically to take up less space, following the order you find.


Where and How Not to Park Electric Scooters

According to the guidelines we just provided on proper parking, in this section, we’ll tell you where not to park electric scooters to avoid getting a fine. Yes, parking incorrectly can result in a penalty established by each municipality.

Parking should not be done outside the designated areas, nor should it obstruct pedestrian traffic on public roads. 

The following recommendations do not carry a penalty if not followed, but for the sake of civic responsibility, it is ideal to adhere to them: continue with an established order. In other words, if you find a series of electric scooters parked in a certain order, respect it.

Avoid obstructing access points and try to steer clear of already full parking spaces, moving on to the next one if possible.

Parcheggio per monopattini elettrici.

Tips for parking your electric scooter

We also bring you some tips to make parking your electric scooter even easier.

In some cities, there are designated parking areas for electric scooters. In these areas, you can park your scooter securely as they come equipped with an electronic lock system. Additionally, you can recharge your scooter, check through a mobile application if there is available space for your scooter, and even reserve a spot. This is undoubtedly the best option.

Also, in common parking areas, to avoid saturation, you can arrive 5 or 10 minutes earlier than usual, especially during peak hours when most users are still riding them. 

Lastly, you can inquire at your workplace or study area whether you can leave the electric scooter within the premises for added security.

Many people regularly use electric scooters, and this trend will continue to grow due to all their advantages. Whether they are rental scooters or privately owned, there will be a need to install more parking spaces to accommodate the population.

Following these instructions is very straightforward, and if you are a regular user, we encourage you to comply with the regulations on how to park your electric scooter correctly.

We also recommend that you handle your electric scooter with care, keep it clean and well-maintained, and exercise caution when using it. If it’s a public scooter, it’s best to avoid misuse to prevent deterioration.

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