Is it possible to enter the hospital on a scooter?

¿Se puede entrar con patinete al hospital? Today we are going to answer a frequently asked question: is it possible to enter the hospital on a scooter? The use of electric scooters is becoming more and more widespread in society. They are comfortable, agile, they avoid traffic jams and the dreaded moment of finding a […]

Types of Chargers for Electric Vehicles

aparcamientos patinetes

Tipos de cargadores para vehículos eléctricos In general, chargers for electric vehicles vary in terms of charging speed, power, and portability. It is important to select the appropriate charger based on the vehicle’s and user’s needs. In today’s post, we want to clarify what types of chargers are available on the market, so you can […]

Differences between solar charging points and lockers for electric scooters

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is when you charge your electric scooter at a solar charging point versus using lockers for electric scooters? Continue reading this post, and we’ll explain their differences. How does a solar charger for scooters work? As its name suggests, the solar charger uses and harnesses sunlight to generate […]

Innovation and development have changed sustainable construction

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In recent years, sustainable construction has become an increasingly popular trend in the construction industry. But what is sustainable construction, and how has it evolved with innovation and development? What is sustainable construction? Sustainable construction refers to a way of building that takes into account the long-term environmental, social, and economic impact. This means not […]