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Differences between solar charging points and lockers for electric scooters

Have you ever wondered what the difference is when you charge your electric scooter at a solar charging point versus using lockers for electric scooters? Continue reading this post, and we’ll explain their differences.

How does a solar charger for scooters work?

As its name suggests, the solar charger uses and harnesses sunlight to generate electrical energy. Sunlight is captured by solar panels that charge scooters in a simple and efficient manner. What about overcharging? The voltage and current are controlled by a charge controller before being transferred to the scooter.

These panels are located in the charging stations, Helios, developed by Solum. It is a 100% sustainable way to charge your scooter, serving both as a parking and recharging facility. Through our Arena floor, which is a floor with integrated photovoltaic cells in tiles capable of generating solar energy. This floor is walkable for pedestrians, slip-resistant, and with properties.

What are the advantages provided by a solar scooter charger?

Solar floor charger

These are some of the advantages of solar energy and the use of solar chargers:

  • Renewable, as it comes from an inexhaustible source, the sun.
  • It has a lower environmental impact
  • Reduces the use of fossil fuels
  • Economical, although the initial investment is high, it is profitable, as it is not affected by the continuous increases in the price of electricity.

How do lockers for electric scooters work?

The lockers for electric scooters are a parking system for scooters in an enclosed space, as the name suggests. They serve the same purpose as a parking facility for electric scooters, but the difference is that the latter is partially open.

The advantage of these lockers can be the security they provide, as they use a password-protected system. Inside, besides the folded scooter, you can leave other items and even charge your mobile phone.

Scooter Lockers vs. Scooter Parking

Both are areas for secure parking and charging. The primary advantage of both is the security they provide, as the lockers and parking facilities we offer at Solum come with smart locks to prevent scooter theft.

Scooter lockers operate through applications, just like the scooter parking facilities provided by Solum. Through our app, you can manage your parking, check available stations around the city, see open spaces, and even reserve your spot. This way, you ensure that you’ll have a designated place to leave your scooter.

The drawback commonly found in electric scooter lockers is that they rely on electric charging systems and do not utilize solar charging, which has numerous disadvantages as mentioned earlier in our post.

"Electric Scooter Locker

At Solum, we have developed the Helios solar station to promote sustainable mobility and charging. These stations are available at various locations throughout the city, in shopping centers, and even across different cities in Europe. They offer all the conveniences provided by electric scooter lockers with an added sustainability feature, thanks to their solar charging capability.

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