100% Electric Parking. The Future of Parking

Parking para Patinetes eléctricos

Parking Eléctrico | El Futuro de los Aparcamientos | Solum The future of parking seems to be increasingly linked to electric mobility. The growing demand for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles has led to the need for the development of electric parking solutions. As technology advances and the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, […]

Solar panel ground. Discover how it works.

Solum en Amsterdam

Suelo Solar. Descubre cómo funciona Fortunately, we are increasingly aware of the damage we have caused to the planet over the years. Nowadays, terms like ‘environmental impact,’ ‘renewable energy,’ and ‘green energy’ are as common as any other current issue. Renewable energies are in the spotlight, including solar pavement. In the following lines, we will […]

10 Advantages of Using an Electric Bicycle

ventajas uso de bicicletas electricas

Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, are a type of bicycle that is becoming increasingly popular as a means of transportation in many cities. Do you want to know why this is happening? In this post, we will show you some benefits of using an electric bike so that you too can be encouraged to […]

What is the best-selling electric scooter?

Cuál es el patinete eléctrico más vendido

If you’ve taken a stroll around your city recently, you’ve probably noticed that the way people get around has changed. Electric scooters have taken over the streets and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. You may have even considered getting one yourself at some point, as they are a very attractive and environmentally […]